5 Ways to drive revenue from phone calls

FIVE ways to drive revenue from phone calls?  Absolutely!  ServiceScore helps brands get the most from every phone call that comes in.  This video introduces the 5 ways to drive revenue from phone calls.

#1 WOW! First Impression

First impressions are everything - especially on the phone! That’s why it’s #1 of our 5 ways to Drive Revenue from Phone Calls. Our latest video illustrates the importance of creating a WOW! First Impression to every new caller to your business.

#2 lead source attribution

A recent study showed that 70% of consumers prefer to call your business for an appointment after researching online. How can you track (and double-down on) your best-performing lead sources? It's #2 of our 5 ways to help your business drive more revenue from phone calls.

ServiceScore® Reports

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At a glance, Franchisees see their call score and know exactly how their team can improve customer service and conversion.  

We bring you great ideas.

Our trained specialists provide you with actionable insights from reviewing each call. All to help you execute stronger marketing and customer experience strategies.  

We make it easy for you.

We’ll use your brand’s call standards or help you create a custom package. Then every month we’ll deliver calls and reports to your Franchisees and a summary report to you.  

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