2019 GREAT Call™ Checklist

How do you drive real, sustained improvement in phone call performance?  After reviewing 20,000 calls with leading national brands, we’ve developed our GREAT Call™ Method to help businesses make more expert, trusting connections on the phone.

Our 2019 checklist gives you the key elements of a GREAT Call™ along with the business processes that must be in place to drive better results from phone calls.

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The ServiceScore™ ROI Tool

We love the old saying, "Nothing happens until someone sells something."  

In a business that thrives by converting incoming phone calls to appointments to close the sale, inside sales effectiveness is critical.   When you add up all your investments to make the phone ring, if you don’t create a trusting connection to convert that call to an appointment – then all those efforts won’t pay off.  

Improving call conversion is one of the most cost-effective ways to help Franchisees improve profitability.  Why?  Because you've already invested in the advertising, the salespeople, the fancy phone system and the people to answer those phones.  The value of being able to convert just a few more of those calls each week not only drives higher revenue, but dramatically improves the ROI of all those other investments.

For example, for a single location with 5 inquiry calls per week, moving the conversion rate from 46% to 50% can mean an annual revenue increase of $52,000.  Better yet, that comes with no additional investments in sales, marketing, phones or people.  

To help you measure the transformative impact to your business from increased call conversion, we've created the ServiceScore ROI Tool.  With just five inputs, you can see the results from setting and achieving your inquiry conversion goals.

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ServiceScore™ overview (pdF)

We've put together an easy-to-print summary for you.  Learn how ServiceScore helps Franchisees and other small business owners improve their customer connections, call conversion and ROI of their marketing investments.